Community Improvement Plan - Update Project

What is a Community Improvement Plan? A Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is a planning tool that municipalities can take advantage of to support community improvement at a range of scales. This tool is granted by Section 28 of the Planning Act: providing that a municipality has a CIP, it can issue grants and loans to owners/tenants of buildings and lands in support of this plan.


The Town’s Community Improvement Plan (CIP) encourages private sector investment and revitalization throughout Halton Hills by providing financial incentives to eligible projects. The CIP was created in 2010 and with over a decade passed, it is time for the Town to undertake a review and update of this tool. The CIP update project is looking to create a new CIP that builds upon the existing CIP's strengths and successes, while also exploring additional tools and incentives to stimulate broader community improvement.

Since the CIPs initial funding in 2014, the Town has received significant uptake on its incentive programs with Town staff processing 29 successful applications. The current CIPs success at stimulating and supporting private sector investment is mainly attributable to its facade and building revitalization and brownfield redevelopment programs. To date, approximately $350,000 of public sector investment has been allocated to various community improvement projects.

In November 2020, the Town retained Sierra Planning as the professional consultant to undertake the CIP update project. The end-product, a new CIP, will be a modern and effective economic development tool to guide and support the Town's economic development priorities - aligned with key Town plans, strategies, programs, and initiatives.

The CIP update project will be completed by the fourth quarter of 2021, with a newly consolidated CIP implemented by 2022.

Main areas for consideration as part of the CIP Update include:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Storefront Revitalization & Business Support
  • Accessibility
  • Climate Change
  • Arts & Culture
  • Brownfields
  • Agriculture
  • Heritage

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Project Phases

The CIP update project will occur in four phases consisting of Background Review, Stakeholder Consultation, Draft CIP, and Final CIP.  Each phase can be broadly described as:

Background Review

  • Conducting a review of critical needs, opportunities, and areas of consideration in Halton Hills
  • Evaluating existing and potential municipal approaches that can be used to address critical needs
  • Developing a preliminary suite of CIP programs along with the formation of an Economic Assistance Program

Stakeholder Consultation

  • Engaging with a wide range of stakeholders to inform the direction and approach of the CIP update, with engagements to include surveys, focus groups, committee consultations and interviews
  • This phase will occur in tandem with the Background Review phase to support the recommended direction and programs of the new CIP

Draft CIP

  • Preparing a Draft CIP based on work completed in the background review and informed by stakeholders.
  • Consulting with the community on the Draft CIP and associated Official Plan Amendments.

Final CIP

  • Addressing applicable feedback into a consolidated Final CIP and bringing this document to Council for approval.
  • Preparing administration documents to support implementation of each new CIP program.
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The Background Discussion Report for the CIP Update project was presented to Council on July 5, 2021. Click here to view the delegation (minute 52:38 on video) and click here to read the Report. 

A Progress Update on the CIP Update project was provided to Council via Memorandum at the August 30, 2021 Council Meeting. Click here to read the Memorandum. 

Get Involved

Are you interested in sharing your thoughts on the CIP? If so, please visit the Let's Talk Halton Hills page for opportunities to engage with this project.

To view the Town's current CIP, please click here.

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