• Through partnerships and leadership we are committed to building a community with the highest possible quality of life.
  • Our mission is to provide high-quality support to the business community to foster a prosperous and sustainable economy that enhances quality of life.


Community Improvement Program

The Town of Halton Hills Community Improvement Plan provides financial incentives to encourage private sector investment and revitalization within particular areas of the Town.

The CIP contains grant programs to help improve the appearance and the condition of commercial buildings, encourage the conversion of upper floor space for residential use, assist with the cost of preparing necessary plans and studies and encourage the environmental clean-up and redevelopment of older abandoned industrial and commercial sites that may be contaminated.

A loan program is also available to be used for interior and exterior building maintenance and improvement.  In addition to grants and loans, the CIP includes other programs that require Council approval which include all of the tax assistance programs and the brownfield parkland dedication reduction program.


Areas eligible for CIP include:

  1. Guelph Street (the Georgetown Community Node located along Guelph Street, generally between Maple Avenue and Sinclair Avenue);
  2. Downtown Georgetown;
  3. Downtown Acton;
  4. The Georgetown GO Station Lands,
  5. The South Acton Special Study Area (the former Beardmore Tannery lands) and other Brownfield sites;
  6. Agricultural/Rural Lands;
  7. Georgetown Industrial Park;
  8. Acton Industrial Park.

For a list of the programs available in each area, view this chart

Comprehensive Community Improvement Plan


On July 11, 2016, Council approved an Amendment to the Community Improvement Plan to provide more flexibility regarding the Brownfield Parkland Dedication Program, and to expand the Brownfield Parkland Dedication Program into more areas in the Town of Halton Hills.

In November 2017, the Town’s Community Improvement Plan (CIP) was amended a second time to consider eligibility of some Community Improvement programs to properties outside of delineated areas. Eligibility is assessed on a case by case basis through the application of criteria.


Manufacturing Expansion Fund

The Manufacturing Expansion Fund (MEF) was established to assist with the expansion of manufacturing businesses by covering the cost of certain Town fees, including Site Plan, Site Alteration, Minor Variance, Cash in Lieu of Parkland, and fees related to obtaining Conditional Building Permits.

Criteria to qualify includes: manufacturing use;  minimum 5 years in Halton Hills; minimum 50 employees; minimum 5,000 SF expansion, and others

For more information on specific incentive programs and application information contact the Economic Development Department edo@haltonhills.ca.

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