Quality of Life

The Town of Halton Hills has a thriving arts, culture and heritage scene. Increasingly, businesses are making locational and investment decisions based on quality of life factors, rather than simply on proximity to markets, space availability, space costs and proximity to suppliers. With an award-wining Cultural Master Plan in place, the Town with community partners, is actively implementing actions that are raising quality of life and leveraging the economic benefits of a vibrant cultural scene.

Halton Hills, with a population of approximately 60,000, consists of two urban centres, Georgetown and Acton, the Halton Hills Premier Gateway employment area, three hamlets – Glen Williams, Stewarttown and Norval – and several smaller settlements. Halton Hills has long been recognized for its natural beauty, active agricultural community, high quality of life and proximity to major centres, including Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto. The Town is ranked as one of the top small communities in Canada by a national magazine.

Along with these urban and industrial areas, related modern infrastructure, and proximity to Canada's largest city, Toronto, The Town of Halton Hills a substantial rural area, and a distinctive and enviable identity that comes from the beauty and tranquility of the rural setting, rolling hills, rivers and valleys. It is a place where residents enjoy safe family living, scenic beauty and active community life. The community recognizes the unique attributes that set it apart from other places and is passionate about preserving the small town character and rural feeling while accommodating a moderate scale of growth to 2031 that is in keeping with the Town’s urban and rural character, as articulated in the Town Strategic Plan. The preservation and enhancement of these features while keeping pace with the diverse needs of the community is at the forefront of the Town’s Vision for its future.

The Town and its citizens view its long-term future to be more self-reliant and supports managed growth that preserves the unique features of the community, uses land wisely, elevates the quality of the built environment and provides diverse economic opportunities. The aim is to provide choices for employment, housing, shopping and services. The intent is to diversify and create a more vibrant local economy through collaborative partnerships with existing businesses and through proactive efforts to attract new industries and services.

Read more about the Vision for Halton Hills in the Official Plan document.

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