Access to Labour

4.7 Million: Regional Workforce; 2.8 Million: Workers with a Post-Secondary Education; 7.7 Million: Total Population

Halton Hills is part of North America's most educated talent pools. The Toronto Region is home to a workforce of over 4.7 million people, with over 2.8 million people having a post secondary degree, diploma, or certificate. 

Educational Institutions

8 Universities & 6 Colleges in the Regional Area

Halton Hills is in close proximity to world renowned post-secondary education institutions. It's location along the Innovation Corridor provides access to the University of Waterloo, whose graduates are the second most frequently hired by Silicon Valley, and the University of Toronto, which ranks among the top 25 universities in the world.

Over 60% of adults in Halton Hills possess a post-secondary education - a higher rate than any OECD country. The proximity to quality universities and colleges provide the business community with a stream of high-quality talent. 

Workforce Cost

Average Annual Salaries for Key Occupations

Average Annual Salaries for Key Occupations

Salaries in Halton Hills are cost competitive in key occupations. In addition, employer health care costs per year for a typical firm in Ontario are one-third the cost of the U.S average. This is due to Ontario's universal health care system, which is an additional advantage for companies locating in Halton Hills. 

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